Van Rental Versus Bus Rental

One of our clients recently faced a dilemma of which vehicle to rent for his holiday with his friends and family.


Bernard has a crowd of 13 passengers and he needs to arrange a suitable transportation around the town. Sourcing around, he came across two options:

Option 1: To rent a coach or mini bus that can fit 23 person,

Option 2: To rent two vans , fitting in 10 person each

Considering that every passengers brought their own luggage, these two options are just about nice. The extra spaces will be used to store the luggage.

So how to choose?

Let’s Compare:

This is not an apple-to-apple comparison (in terms of vehicle size) but you will see the difference between both when it comes to accessibility and practicability.

Bus / Coach Vans
One bus, one driver Two vans, two drivers
Restriction of heights at certain malls and buildings, which allows vehicle entry certain heights Reduced travel time – Convenient to stop, almost anywhere
Heavier vehicle and having higher center of gravity cause some discomfort when passing corners Able to climb or descent windy hilly roads, eg Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, etc
Spacious, comes with dedicated spaces for storage of luggages at upper and lower deck of the bus More comfortable but lesser storage capability
Lower fuel and toll expenses Higher fuel and toll charges

Conclusion: Of which vehicles to choose, it depends on venue and routes, and also what type of passengers going abroad.

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  • Bernard Clyde18 April, 2017 - Reply

    I appreciate you explaining the benefits that a bus hire could give you over a van hire, and visa versa. Plus, the chart your provided is very helpful. I think it’s also important to consider how a bus hire can let all of your passengers be in the same vehicle and enjoy the travel experience together. If you can, you should try to make that travel experience fun and enjoyable!

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