On the 4th of December 2016, a few weeks before the year concluded, EdgeRent had been officially launched as EdgeRent Car Rental & Sharing Marketplace. The website https://edgerent.com went live, ready to allow secured transaction. The website also allowed vendor or car rental owners to apply for free listing and begin generating income from EdgeRent platform.

Depending on the market feedback, there might be a mobile application created for EdgeRent customers and vendors. However, at present, EdgeRent is a mobile friendly website. A lot of thought had been poured to optimize the user experience as well. As the name suggested, EdgeRent is a marketplace that allows the end user to rent vehicles on the website and on the other side, it allows car rental owners to list & manage their vehicles on the dedicated dashboard.

With EdgeRent, end user no longer needs to hassle around directories and make calls to get cars. In half of the cases, end users suffer from difficulties to get the car for the duration/ timing and model of car that they want by hassling through numerous directories and websites. Too troublesome.

EdgeRent will be focusing on its campaign to acquire more car vendors and vehicles to build up the overall strength of its deliverables. More photos and updates on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/edgerent.

Stay tuned!

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