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Revolutionize Malaysia Car Rental Scene

EdgeRent : is a reliable platform that allows Malaysian to easily rent vehicles within the neighborhood or lease out their own (extra or underutilized) vehicles and obtain reliable source of active income.

The Value

We help companies and car owners to generate further income by providing an innovative car renting platform, and to elevate car renting experience to become much pleasurable and easy.

The Foundation

EdgeRent is the latest Digital Startup company that revolutionize the vehicle renting industry, starting with Malaysia, and expanding to other regions in Asia.

EdgeRent brought the car rental effort to greater convenience.

  • First, it allows users to post car renting inquiries live, anywhere, and can make instant arrangement conveniently, using Desktop or through Mobile Apps (coming soon).
  • Then, beside the conventional car rental companies, private individuals who have extra underutilized cars now can opt to rent out their cars for an extra income.
  • This platform promotes healthy competition (competitive pricing and offers) and boost the quality of customer service.
  • EdgeRent is set to promote a healthy car renting culture. The result is : reduce financial burden (car loan repayment, maintenance and repair cost, road tax, heavy insurance premium, etc..) of people who are thinking of buying new cars (and stays in bad debt).

The Founder Team

EdgeRent was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs coming from different industry, whereby all of them have worked together for a significant period of time. When all of them developed the same mission to provide massive value to the car renting industry, EdgeRent was founded in December 2015. The vision to make a difference by creating tool or platform that gives terrific value which had made the entire EdgeRent team motivated.

Blake Shiw
Co-founder, Management


Jim Loo
Co-founder, Operation


Greg How
Co-founder, Marketing


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