A Boost To Your Sales

For Car Rental Shops

edgerent-car rental malaysia-boost sales of car rental shop

  1. You prepare the vehicle, ready for rental
  2. Complete the registration form (as detail as possible)
  3. EdgeRent team will perform several verification processes to ensure genuine deliverables
  4. The vehicles will now be marketed, visible to people who are ready to rent
  5. Watch your business GROW!

Extra Cash (Coming Soon)

For Car Owner Who Has Extra Cars To Rent

edgerent-car rental malaysia-platform that allow car owner to earn some cash by renting out vehicles

  1. You have vehicles that you seldom use?
  2. Submit your leasing application below
  3. The EdgeRent team will contact you for verification on your vehicle records
  4. Get some extra cash to EASE your loan burden and some monthly maintenance cost!